STOP Suicide Personal Pledge

Do you have the strength and are you smart enough to sign the STOP Suicide pledge below?

Suicide is everybody’s business, we can all be aware of the warning signs and we all have a role to play in suicide prevention.

If you’re representing an organisation please sign our organisational pledge.

Demonstrate your commitment to talk more openly about suicide and help those in distress today…

 I pledge that I will:

  • tell someone if I need help;

  • be aware of the suicide warning signs in others;

  • ask directly about suicide if I’m worried about someone;

  • listen without judgement and do what I can to keep them safe;

Personal Pledge

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STOP Suicide acknowledges the work done by Grassroots Suicide Prevention in Brighton with their ‘Tell Me’ pledge. If you live in the Brighton and Hove area, please click here

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