Become a Campaign Maker: Join Our Growing Social Movement to STOP Suicide

Express your interest in becoming a Campaign Maker here:

We want to empower Campaign Makers to make an impact, initiate conversations and get people talking directly about suicide. We’d love you to get involved in any of the following ways:

Blog, vlog, create and innovate!

We’d love to showcase your work, like Beth’s video above, raising suicide awareness

Find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and share a photo of yourself with our downloadable I’d Ask badge.

Distribute leaflets, pledge cards and other resources in your community to spread the STOP Suicide message.

You can also get involved by attending/speaking at community events with us or even arranging your own.

Become an advocate for STOP Suicide and let your classmates know about it. Get them to sign our personal pledge and create a suicide-safer community.

Backing the pledge, Left to Right: Aly Anderson, Mind in Cambridgeshire; Kevin Vanterpool, Detective Superintendent and lead on mental health at Cambridgeshire Constabulary; Cambridgeshire County Councillor Kilian Bourke, Chairman of the Health Committee at the Council; Cambridgeshire County Councillor Tony Orgee, Chairman of the Cambridgeshire's Health and Well-Being Board; and Cambridgeshire County Councillor Steve Count, Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council.

Create positive changes in your workplace by encouraging your employer to sign our organisational pledge.

Have conversations with colleagues, share our resources or run workshops within your organisation to create a suicide-safer workplace.

Being a Campaign Maker is flexible and we want to tailor your experience of volunteering with us specifically to you.

You have skills that nobody else has and we want you to discuss these with us so that together we can maximise the impact of the campaign.

Jess Davis’ Story

Campaign Maker Jess Davis“Whilst going through a significantly difficult period with regard to my own mental health, I was hugely empowered by the work of CPSL Mind and other mental health charities. As a result I have since been on a personal journey, fuelled by my determination to break down the stigma in our society and to encourage those in need to reach out. I decided I wanted to actively participate in mental health promotion and support and became a Campaign Maker for the STOP Suicide Campaign. Being involved in the campaign was incredibly interesting and rewarding, and enabled me to connect with my local community via social media, by distributing posters and leaflets in the surrounding area, as well as spreading awareness further via friends and family. I urge people to get involved!”